50 years of the development of grid-characteristic method
MIPT & ICAD RAS || March 31 - April 3, 2018

Practical Information

Campus map

The conference will take place on the first floor of the BioPharmCluster (building 9c7 on the map)

Registration of participants: March 31st, from 8:30 to 12:30, in the Laboratory Building (later in the Laboratory Building, office 202)

Wearing the badge is compulsory for accessing the university buildings.

The First Announcement

The Conference is devoted to the memory of Academician Alexander Kholodov. The following topics will be discussed: numerical methods in the problems of continuum media mechanics; numerical schemes construction for the solution of partial differential equations; mathematical modeling in aerodynamics, plasma physics, deformable body mechanics, geological hydrocarbon exploration; mathematical modeling in medical applications; transport models on graphs (hemodynamics, respiratory system, traffic management, etc); high-performance computing.

Working languages — Russian and English

Important dates

January 15, 2018 — deadline for the registration with the title of the report
January 24, 2018 — abstracts submission deadline
March 31 – April 3, 2018 — the dates of conference

Call for abstracts

The title and the abstract of the talk should be submitted in English through the registration form on the site. The abstract should not exceed 1000 symbols. The acceptance of the report will be based on the program committee decision.

The book of abstracts of the conference “50 years of the development of grid- characteristics method” devoted to the memory of academician A. S. Kholodov will be available at the beginning of the conference.

Chairs, Program Committee and Organizers

Conference co-chairs
Prof. Boris Chetvertushkin, Academician of RASKeldysh IAM RAS
Prof. Igor Petrov, Corresponding member of RASMIPT
Prof. Iliya NikitinICAD RAS
Program committee
Valentin Dymnikov, Academician RASINM RAS
Anatoly Konovalov, Academician RASICMMG SB RAS
Evgeny Tyrtyshnikov, Academician RASINM RAS
Yury Gulyaev, Academician RASKotenlikov IRE RAS
Gennady Savin, Academician RASJSCC RAS
Yury Shokin, Academician RASICT SB RAS
Valentin Guschin, Corresponding Member RASICAD RAS
Vladimir Tishkin, Corresponding Member RASKeldysh IAM RAS
Alexander Shananin, Corresponding Member RASMIPT
Sergey Kabanikhin, Corresponding Member RASICMMG SB RAS
Yury Vassilevski, Corresponding Member RASINM RAS
Andrey Tolstykh, ProfessorFRC IM RAS
Alexander Babakov, ProfessorICAD RAS
Alexander Tormasov, ProfessorInnopolis University
Andrey Raigorodskii, ProfessorMIPT
Alexey Lobanov,ProfessorMIPT
Sergey Simakov, Associate ProfessorMIPT
Yaroslav Kholodov, Associate ProfessorInnopolis University
Elena PavlyukovaRussian URSI Committee
Organizing committee
Konstantin Konkov, Co-chair of the Organizing CommitteeMIPT
Sergey Simakov, Co-chair of the Organizing CommitteeMIPT
Nikolay KhokhlovMIPT
Katherina BeklemyshevaMIPT
Pavel UtkinMIPT
Michael VasilievMIPT
Evgeny MolchanovMIPT
Nataliya ZavyalovaMIPT
Elena PavlyukovaMIPT
Alexey AgaltsovMax Planck ISSR
Dmitry PodlesnykhMIPT
Olga PodobnayaMIPT